BCS Computers provides technical assistance for ALL computer system and any preinstalled hardware. Technical Support provides basic troubleshooting assistance only for products purchased at BCS Computers. More involved assistance, including installation walkthroughs for hardware and software, extensive troubleshooting, limited network assistance, and support for products not purchased from BCS Computers, is charged for on a per incident basis. 

    New or updated device drivers for hardware and software may be available on BCS Computers's web site at http://www.bcs-bcs.com. Internet access to the hardware manufacturers web sites through your online provider is also available for obtaining these files and utilities.

    Before phoning Technical Support: 
* Look in the appropriate manuals or documentation. IF POSSIBLE 
* Be in front of the computer and have it turned on.

    BCS Computers technical assistance is available during local store hours at 513-251-2667, or on a walk-in basis at our store location. If in-store support reps are not available by phone. Support may be obtained directly from hardware or software manufacturers in some cases. 

    All previous statements are superseded by the BCS Computers Warranty Service Plan. If there are any questions about your warranty, please inform your technical representative. All decisions of BCS Computers are final. 

E-Mail to:

Phone 513-251-2667
Fax 513-251-5867
Web address is http://www.bcs-bcs.com